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Warren Mercer

“Founder and CEO of HYDN - a blockchain security company building revolutionary real-time fraud prevention for Dapps. Previous NYSE, CIsco...”


About Me

My background is in traditional cybersecurity and blockchain. I have previously held senior roles at NYSE, Cisco, Alert Logic, and BT. My background has been as a Threat Researcher, creating actionable intelligence to help catch hackers before they carry out an attack.

I've been a guest speaker at cybersecurity conferences all over the globe, giving talks on Security, Blockchain, and more at Microsoft DCC, NorthSec, Kaspersky SAS, and VB.

I was recently on the BBC Podcast Lazarus Heist discussing my role in uncovering the perpetrators of the Olympic Destroyer attack.

Now at HYDN, we have built blockchain's first real-time fraud prevention product that stops attacks before they happen. We think it'll be a game-changer for the industry and help onboard the next mass adoption of the technology.

We recently also saved over $600k worth of user funds in an attack on SushiSwap and have carried out smart contract audits and web3 penetration testing for lots of companies in the space including SpookySwap, Sablier, Swapsicle, Dancing Seahorse, Nau Finance, CrossWallet, BlueZilla, Octane, and more.

My specialist areas are blockchain, crypto, blockchain security, blockchain hacks, cybersecurity, and malware.

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Profile artwork for Warren Mercer
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