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Vimi Udaskin

“New book! New Author! 75+ Low-Carb recipes to help you on your path to optimal health. No sugar, no gluten. It's time to fix your guts!”


About Me

Vimi is a mom, a daughter, and a sister who corrected her own digestive issues by changing her perspective on the foods she ate while growing up in Canada. Over the last 5 years, she has recreated many common dishes as well as a few Indian and Trinidadian recipes. In doing so, she has lost 45 pounds and people are constantly commenting on her youthful appearance. Many have asked how it is that she looks so much younger than she is? The secret: she has not eaten any kind of sugar in the last 5 years. It has literally turned back the wheel of time.

She is very open in sharing what she has learned in her own experience of what worked best for healing her body. Once shared, the natural follow-up question was always, when will I get a recipe book?

The people have asked, and she has answered.  Her objective in writing this book was to help those that want to help themselves by providing low carb recipes without compromising on flavor and texture. Her ultimate goal is to share her learnings in the hopes that she can help even one more person feel healthier, and stronger than ever before.

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Bye-Bye Sugar: A Guide to Low-Carb Cooking

Hi There, Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! Did you like the book? Did you like the recipes? Have you tried to make any of them? Please let me and everyone else know. It would be extremely helpful for me if you could leave a review for my cookbook on,,

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This new book contains 75+ recipes to help get you on track to better health.

Profile artwork for Vimi Udaskin
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