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Valton Brown

“Author of the book ‘The Hidden Tree’.”


About Me

Valton Brown was born in the city of Derby to Jamaican parents who immigrated to the UK as part of the Windrush generation. This was a generation that arrived with little more than a suitcase and a dream to support their families, while simultaneously responding to the call to rebuild the UK’s battered post-war economy. Faced with the most unforgiving circumstances yet filled with optimism, the influence of an entrepreneurial, ‘can do’ father and a dedicated, praying mother installed in a young Valton, values that have since borne the test of time. An awareness of God from an early age culminated in his acceptance of The Messiah at the age of fifteen, the point at which everything began to change in his life. It is also at this juncture, that the questions about faith and the display of stereotypical boundaries synonymous with that of a young black man would be brought to bear on his young heart. His life experience has been a crucible of successes and failures punctuated with his current role as a Chartered Architectural Technologist and Bible advocate.

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New Book Release - The Hidden Tree

Using the metaphor of a tree we reveal the historical, out-of-site root system and its evolutionary origin while looking forward to its purpose and goal through the use of god-technology. dark intel and the tools of self-determination (humanism).

Profile artwork for Valton Brown
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