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Valerie Maksym

“Are you ready to unleash your inner superhero? We all have one, and with just four simple steps, you can tap into your authentic self.”


About Me

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At the age of 44, I faced the challenges of divorce for the second time, thrust into a life of solitude. Little did I know, this newfound independence would become the catalyst for an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Over seven transformative years, I embarked on a profound process of healing and self-understanding, determined to overcome emotional turmoil and emerge as a stronger, more confident individual.

As a loving mother of four and a proud gigi of two, I harnessed my inner strength to transcend the difficulties life had thrown my way. Through unwavering determination, I discovered a passion for fitness that ignited my spirit. Today, I proudly stand as a nationally qualified NPC figure bodybuilder competitor, a testament to my unwavering commitment and resilience.

But my journey didn't end there. Drawn from my own experiences, I channeled my insights and wisdom into becoming a high-performance life coach. Empowered by my own transformative story, I penned a book that captures the essence of my journey— "Maksymizing Life." It serves as a beacon of hope, guiding others through their own quests for self-discovery and self-confidence.

Now, at the age of 52, I stand tall, embracing life with unwavering passion and energy. Age is merely a number, as I have shattered the boundaries of what's possible. By shedding limiting beliefs and embracing my inner superhero, I have unlocked a life that resonates with authenticity and truth. My journey is a testament to the human spirit and the power of embracing one's unique purpose.

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Profile artwork for Valerie Maksym
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