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Trys Reddick

“Trys is a Mental Health trainer and founder of IPL Radio, a Community Radio station that promotes better Health and Wellness”


About Me

Trys was diagnosed with OCD and Agoraphobia aged 12 and left school at 13, becoming a recluse until his Mid 20's. Finally finding a passion to emigrate from the UK to Australia, he went on a journey of recovery for 5 years before finally moving to Australia aged 30.

Trys worked in Employment Services for 5 years before becoming self employed as a Mental Health First Aid Trainer from 2015. In 2020, he started up IPL Radio (Inspiring Passionate Lives) - a Community Radio station that broadcasts across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and US and promotes positive Health and Wellbeing.

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Profile artwork for Trys Reddick
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