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“I promise new perspectives that will leave listeners moved and inspired to change the world, beginning with themselves.”


About Me

Troy was born in Trinidad & Tobago and has lived there for the majority of his life, today he still calls the forested North Coast of Trinidad his home and lives among a community of hummingbirds.

He attended the University of Tampa in Florida and graduated with a degree in business, thereafter Troy returned to Trinidad to open Trinidad’s first Hemp store (not Head shop), which he ran for eight years before starting a biofuel business, and then finally nurturing a beautiful yoga studio and community known as One Yoga Trinidad—recently rebranding as

Troy has traveled the world on a ship, walked on foot across Costa Rica, sat in silence for 10 days at a time, spent time in absolute darkness, and has dedicated the last 15 years of his life to the practice and teaching of Yoga. He has recently completed his first book, Popcorn in My Pocket; Insightful Reflections For A Better You & A Better World, scheduled to launch in April/May 2023


Troy has dedicated his life to aiding others in understanding their own journey while inviting an expanded perspective of the human experience and encouraging individuals to look at their own healing so they can contribute to collective healing.

As a Yoga teacher Troy shares, “I have always said that if I did not believe the practice of Yoga increased our capacity to love, and reconnected us to the God of our own understanding, that I would walk away from it immediately.”

As an author, “My priority is not writing for the entertainment of readers—for me personally, that would be an inauthentic use of my energy and time. Everyone has their calling fuelled by a burning desire, while my writing may be entertaining to some, and is sure to make your heart smile and have you ‘laugh out loud’ from time to time— my calling is not entertainment. Writing for me feels like more of a calling, a duty of sorts. My hope is that my words aid every reader along their journey to understanding what it means to love and inspires them to be better human beings.”

As a human being, “I have loved deeply and have been heartbroken. I have been over-confident, and been humbled. I have trusted wholeheartedly, and I have been wronged. I have been the heartbreaker, the wrongdoer, and the betrayer of trust. I will continue to walk through my own darkness and assist others in shining a light on theirs. I believe this human experience is bigger than we could possibly imagine and that we are all intricately connected. We are not alone, we never will be.”

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Profile artwork for TROY HADEED
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