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Tomer Yanay-Triner

“Conscious programmer & CEO of the SomaShare App; dedicated to using technology to encourage more conscious and emotionally attuned humans.”


About Me

Conscious programmer & CEO

Tomer has always been a curious child (he would take apart all electrical appliances and then put them back together since he was 5 years old).

He became an awesome autodidact: teaching himself programming and many other cool skills.

Even though programming can be conceived as something very technical and analytical (detached from emotion), Tomer loves to see programming as a lifestyle full of emotions, balance, and beauty, approached with an open heart. He believes this style of conscious programming can provide conscious solutions to the problems we have in the world.

In his early 20s, Tomer became depressed after moving in with Marina. This transition forced him to face many childhood traumas and what helped him the most were somatic methods, working with his body through trauma, fear, and self sabotaging behaviors.

Since then, it became a routine that he incorporated into his life. It made him connect more to his spirituality and have a more open heart.

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Profile artwork for Tomer Yanay-Triner
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