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Todd Miller

“I have been "in the trenches" of the home improvement industry, manufacturing, and leadership in America for nearly 40 years.”


About Me

I strive to help others. In my primary business which is manufacturing specialty residential metal roofing, I work with folks across the world helping them solve roofing problems. I also work with contractors and salespeople who wish to integrate metal roofing into their businesses. I help sales organizations sell to benefit their customers, not themselves -- something surprisingly rare in sales today.

I have an educational website at and have been a frequent speaker and author in the construction industry.

I have a passion for seeing God in the marketplace. Isaiah Industries, Inc., owned by Kelly Joseph and myself, strives to be a Kingdom Business. We try to be something very different in the marketplace, following how God wants us to impact individuals, shape hearts, and change the world for Him. I am hugely blessed by a work team that shares the vision of being "something different" in the global marketplace.

I have a passion for supporting those in need. I have served on and led numerous non-profit boards, helping them strategize what they can be and then set a roadmap for getting there.

Areas of expertise include residential metal roofing, ventilation, roof problems, condensation issues, business development, sales training, public speaking, strategic visioning, expert witness, home remodeling, green construction, solar, environmentally-sound building, church, leadership, and Christian education. 

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Profile artwork for Todd Miller
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