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Todd Gajdusek

“Performing and Filmmaking to Magical Travel, Todd loves to entertain! Creating memorable characters and vacations all in one package.”


About Me

Todd has had a varied career - or should we say careers.

He began as a Stage Manager fresh out of college and quickly found himself working on some of the biggest shows on Broadway. He spent 3 years with the mega-hit Les Misérables (Broadway and Tour), subbing in on Miss Saigon and Footloose on Broadway in New York. Other notable credits include Lamb Chop on Broadway with Shari Lewis and a Brazilian tour of Grease.

Trading the glamor of Broadway for a "stable" job, he joined Wired Digital, which was later acquired by the Search Engine Lycos (remember them?). He moved with them to Los Angeles, and found himself working in Home Entertainment at MGM, which was later acquired by Sony Pictures. Todd spent 13 years at the studio managing the release dates for all of Home Entertainment worldwide.

Near the end of his tenure, he re-discovered his passion for performing and decided to pursue Voice Acting. With a bit of success, he left his Sony office and started pursuing his passion full-time. He has been recognized for his voice work on Jack & Lou: A Gangster Love Story and can be heard on the English-language dubs of several Netflix properties, including Drug Squad: Costa Del Sol.

On film, Todd has been the clueless and bumbling Grant on Brat TV's "Mani" (Season 4) and the ruthless District Attorney in Full Moon Studio's "Blade: The Iron Cross". He has partnered with Chuck Marra, Megan Foley-Marra, Cat Hammons, and Margaux Mireault to create Foley Marra Studios, an independent production studio. We have created over 30 short film with many awards at Film Festivals around the world. It started with "The Itty-Bitty Committee" and continues with the upcoming "Raw Deals", both of which star and were written by Todd.

The studio continues to develop film and episodic properties.

As with any performer, sometimes an additional source of income is needed, which is why Todd recently started as a Travel Advisor with Good Story Vacations helping people plan getaways with Disney and to Universal Orlando. Taking a life-long love of the theme parks, he helps people plan and navigate the details of vacation planning.

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Profile artwork for Todd Gajdusek
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