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Timothy Bridges

“We are on a constant search to discover The Best of Human Ideation. Helping leaders peel away layers, while building futuristic businesses.”


About Me

If you could be one version of yourself, what would you be? Who would you become?

A results-driven professional with 8 years of experience in retail and 16 years in pipeline construction and specialty services. Over the past 5+ years, I've built multiple 6 and 7-figure online businesses in Recruitment Services, Business Design Consultancy, and E-Commerce Retail.

Throughout my career as a top performer, I had the opportunity to bid, sell & manage numerous high-profile maintenance and pipeline construction projects, which has not only increased revenues but also allowed me to hold key positions in upper management. My hands-on experience in real-time sales management, operations management, and business development has involved handling multimillion-dollar initiatives, providing me with invaluable insights for my network and clients.

As a business founder, I've faced and overcome innumerable challenges in one of the toughest markets ever, which has honed my ability to navigate complexities with resourcefulness, integrity, and compassion. I take pride in being a strong empathetic communicator, researcher, problem solver, counselor, strategist, recruiter, and bridge builder. My technical business background, attention to automated systems & processes, combined with skills in business development, and operations management, has made me a versatile professional.

Networking is a passion of mine, and I am always glad to meet and congratulate other serious networkers or business builders. I'm dedicated to supporting deals and creating opportunities for others to thrive and understand the power of networking firsthand. In today's day and age, a favor is worth more than money. the platform designed to recruit, design and develop strong businesses as a 3rd party.

Creators of Modern Pipeliner "IT & Energy Industry Interviews" & Optimum Ideation "Self Help Inventions" Podcasts and... we BELIEVE, "Together We Alter The Genetic Sequence of Fashion". Alter Your Closet's DNA.

Communicator, Researcher, Problem Solver, Counselor, Midnight Oil Burner, Strategist, Enterprising, Bridge Builder, Technical Engineer, Operations Manager, Director, Team Player, Workaholic, Handyman, Artist, & AI Tech Nerd.

Happy to discuss fishing, hunting, nature, geology, archaeology, paleontology, all religions, philosophy, psychology, ancient-modern technology, great music, carpentry & woodworking, invention, art, digital technologies, sciences, custom clothing, all business.

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Profile artwork for Timothy Bridges
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