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Tim Hewson

“Death tech and online estate planning: How one tech company is shaking up a traditional industry”


About Me

As co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of LegalWills, Tim Hewson has over 20 years of experience helping people to write their Will and other estate planning documents. After working in e-commerce business management for large corporations in Canada and the United States, Tim and co-founder Henry Raud realized that many colleagues and friends did not have a Will and that the process to get one was both complicated and costly. Founded in 2000, LegalWills has created over half a million estate planning documents online by providing simplified and flexible end-to-end digital Wills and estate planning services.

As one of the first to offer online estate planning in Canada, LegalWills continues to set the standard for technology advancement and adoption in the industry. With advanced technological features such as the LifeLocker service, Mirror Wills, the Vault, and Keyholder options, LegalWills has always been driven by an innovation mandate. After over 20 years on the market, LegalWills continues to innovate faster than competitors.

Tim has been interviewed by many of the major news media outlets including CTV, Global News, The Toronto Star, and other leading Canadian publications. He has also contributed to a number of financial planning books, has written extensively on the subject of Will writing and estate planning, and is available to speak on said topics.

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Profile artwork for Tim Hewson
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