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Tianna Manon

“I know how to make dense conversations more accessible AND engaging, helping you grow your audience.”


About Me

Tianna Mañón is a PR and media relation specialist and the founder of Mañón Media. As a former journalist, she has more than a decade spent in newsrooms in New York & Washington DC. By optimizing storytelling and using different forms of media, Tianna is able to truly capture audiences.

Through Mañón Media she works with brands and entrepreneurs to get their stories into the news and Tianna works personally with journalists across the nation to improve their reporting and access.

​You can learn more at, see recent work and blog posts or reach Tianna directly at [email protected] or on social media @TiannaManon on Twitter and @TheTiannaManon on IG. #IChangeNews.

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Profile artwork for Tianna Manon
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