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“Storytelling to Supersede the Norm”


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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi.

Hello, my name is Thomas R Wilson, and I am the founder of R&H Creative Advocacy and Storytelling. As a professional writer, advocate, storyteller, and speaker with over a decade of experience, I specialize in shared storytelling. I have attended numerous events, led and participated in various communities, and studied extensively to understand how empathy and compassion-based care can sustain shared storytelling.

R&H Creative Advocacy and Storytelling collaborates with several businesses across Colorado, including Angels Service LLC, Tabula Sono, Autism Minds Co, APSE, COEF Speakers Bureau, Dirt Coffee, and more. We provide quality events and services to communities in need. I am also a member of the Colorado APSE Board and Communication Committee and the Colorado Employment Speakers Committee. I work closely with Adults with High Functioning Autism of Colorado, one of the largest and fastest-growing Meetup groups that focus on Autism in Colorado. These businesses have benefitted from my expertise in shared storytelling and my ability to create impactful and creative content that resonates with their audiences.

At R&H Creative Advocacy, we also write literature that advocates for marginalized communities and inspires others to share their stories. Our works include "Glimmer of a Soul," a book of poetry discussing mental health, and "Reverie of the Lost Notes," a deep dive into loss and redemption.

I have spoken at several conventions across Colorado, such as Denver Fan Expo, APSE's Annual Conference, Colorado Anime Fest, Tacticon Colorado, and Ghengis Con 2023. If chosen to speak at your conference, I will deliver an experience that will impress and endure.

I also specialize in facilitating sensory-friendly events for the neurodivergent, mental health, and other communities by using person-first and empathy-based approaches.

As a storyteller, partner, and educator, my work as a Neuro Diversity Specialist spans over 11 years as an event facilitator. I have also been a youth and young adult mentor for almost nine years. I have been trained in HIPAA, CPR, Baseline Job Coaching (ACRE Certified), Mental Health First Aid, and as a Peer Specialist, among many others. I currently work with many organizations across Colorado as a storyteller, partner, and educator. My work at events is to tell stories in a sensory-friendly manner that honors the needs of the kids attending and has a basis in empathy and person-first care.

I am also a professional public speaker who advocates for mental health and neurodiverse communities while educating businesses, community members, and individuals on my community's strengths. I currently run several collaborative events monthly while also speaking at conventions across Colorado. I have spoken at APSE State meetings, led youth events with multiple businesses, and collaborated with a local charity to help show an event on "Finding Meaning after Experiencing Loss."

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Thomas R Wilson is a professional Author, Advocate, Spoken Word Artist, Business owner, and Event Facilitator. He has worked in the Neuro Diversity and Menta...


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Storytelling Meant to Supersede the Norm

31. Thomas

Listen to this episode from The Revelation Podcast on Spotify. Thomas spoke with depth and sincerity about the challenging circumstances he experienced growing up, and how over the past two years, with hard work, persistence and passion, he's been able to use storytelling as a platform to bring people together; creating communities where people feel welcome, and at ease. If after listening to our conversation, you'd like to learn more about Thomas and the great work that he does, please see the links below: Website: rhcreativeadvocacyandstorytelling.netBlog: rhstorytellingcircle.comPublic speaking site: school teaching profile: Pinterest:

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