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"The Music God" CJ Plain

“"The Music God" is here to discuss all things music, movie, and pop culture related. You choose the topic, I'm ready to talk about it!”


About Me

Who is the "Music God" CJ Plain, you ask? He is a single father, pop culture enthusiast, book addict, movie fan, and life long music fanatic/collector. He's the son of Trucker (who's in his 52nd year on the job) that became a truck driver himself before being forced to retire due to a Traumatic Brain Injury.

The moniker was given to him by a 7th grade music teacher after he ousted her in a game of musical trivia. He's collected music his entire life. His music collection now numbers over 2.5 million songs across 100+ genres, of which he can talk endlessly. He's currently working on his first book, a horror story that combines his love of horror, metal music, and truck stops.

He's been involved in the music business in some form for the past 37 years. He's been a musician, singer, songwriter, radio host, concert promotor, and now Youtube Music Reactor and Podcast host.

His youtube Channel, The Music God Reacts, has garnered over 15K subs and over to a million views in the first year. He reacts to music of all genres from across the world.

His Podcast, The Noize Report, is in it's 3rd year now and was recently converted from an audio format to a full video format. you can now not only HEAR the noize...but see it as well!

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Profile artwork for "The Music God" CJ Plain
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