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That Hoarder

“A person with hoarding disorder who talks openly and honestly (and anonymously) about mental health, trying to help others who hoard.”


About Me

As a compulsive hoarder, I struggle with many aspects of hoarding behaviours, which I talk about on my podcast - the first ever podcast by somebody who hoards rather than a professional. I started my podcast - and would be keen to talk on other podcasts - to keep myself accountable and to help others with this stigmatised and hidden condition, as well as to raise awareness of hoarding disorder.

That very stigma is why I do this anonymously. This is a sensationalised and shamed mental illness and speaking more openly about it is an essential way to spread the word and help people.

Happy to talk in particular on mental health or organising podcasts, but am open to any respectful discussion of the condition.

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Profile artwork for That Hoarder
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