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Terry Ziemniak

“Seasoned cybersecurity executive who consults with companies big and small - focusing on the business aspect of cyber risk.”


About Me


Terry has over 25 years of experience in the information security field, with work ranging from technical, compliance, and executive leadership. His most recent positions include 10 years as Information Security Officer for multi-billion dollar healthcare organizations across the United States, including working as VP of Cybersecurity at Atrium Health. Terry has achieved the CISSP and FACHE certifications and earned a Master's degree in Information Security from DePaul University.

Recent speaking engagement

I was set to speak at a recent tech entrepreneurial conference outside Charlotte, NC. Since I was previously employed as VP of CyberSec for the largest health system in the region, I was a featured speaker.

I spoke about the various perspectives of cybersecurity that a start-up needs to consider: their prospects, their application, their business, their investors, and finally regulations.

The speech was well received and I was later invited (and accepted) to join the group as a mentor.

Areas of Focus

How to manage the worst case cyber incident?

Between Fort Knox and Irresponsible - what is the right level of security

Cybersecurity for healthcare

Cybersecurity for the small guys (startups and SMBs)

How can cyber be a value-add

Questions to ask me

What are the latest trends in cybersec?

How do companies know if they are 'secure enough'?

How can cybersec be a differentiator/driver for my business?

What are the common hurdles to hitting my compliance goals (e.g., HIPAA/PCI/SOC2)?

What are the most common security holes?

What non-technical things should we be considering?

What is business resiliency?

How should companies deal with prospect/client assessments?

Where do I start on my cyber journey?

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Terry Ziemniak

Terry Ziemniak is a Partner in TechCXO's Product & Technology practice. He is a cybersecurity leader who is called on by Boards, investors, and senior management teams to support healthcare, service organizations, retail, and manufacturing companies -- along with government agencies and contractors -- as a fractional CiSO and CIO. Throughout his career,

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