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Terry McMullen

“Host of "What's the value?" podcast and founder of "What's the value?" Leadership Training--an unchallenged belief isn't worth having”


About Me

I started with a pretty traditional background, getting a degree in Finance, working in management consulting, then a MBA, then a career in Corporate Strategy. All seemed good.

It wasn’t. I lost a sibling, my wife got severely ill, and I had a son. All of those things made me realize the safe path I thought I was on wasn’t for me at all.

I've spent the last 10 years studying philosophy, cognitive psychology, and social psychology to try and figure out what really makes humans act and behave the way we do. I want to understand at a first principles level why I think what I think and believe what I believe.

To that end I started a podcast called "What's the value?", where I have a one on one conversation with a guest, where I ask them one simple question to start-- "what's the value?" By that I mean what is the value that matters most to you, that guides your purpose in life, that makes you who you are? We spend the rest of the show exploring, dissecting, pressure testing, and ultimately trying to better understand that value and the guest's underlying philosophy on life. It is raw, authentic, and thought provoking; and hopefully by the end we'll learn something that makes us better people.

As a next step, I have taken the "What's the value?" concept a step further to create a program to work with business leaders, politicians, and other people in positions of power. The idea is that none of us are perfect and we all have blindspots. Therefore we all have a responsibility to challenge ourselves, question our beliefs, and try to identify those blind spots. That responsibility is exponentially greater for people in positions of power, given the potential good or the potential harm they can do.

The What's the value? program helps leaders gain clarity on themselves and to live up to that responsibility, by challenging them in a genuinely curious, humble, and empathetic way. My goal isn't to tell anyone what to value or believe, it is just to ensure they have done the work to be confident in the values and beliefs they do hold.

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Profile artwork for Terry McMullen
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