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Tara Milburn

“I'm a personable, engaging, and well-spoken entrepreneur in the sustainable branding space with a focus on Workplace & Culture.”


About Me

I'm the Founder and CEO of Ethical Swag, a sustainable branding company that helps brands achieve their ESG goals through sustainable team building, employee recognition, and eco-friendly corporate gifting.

A certified B-Corporation, Ethical Swag has been audited to the highest global standard for sustainability. I founded Ethical Swag with a strong belief that our corporate practices and profits don't have to come at the cost of people or planet.

With a fully remote team committed to a sustainable work-life balance, our goal is to pursue and promote equitable practices across the entire corporate merchandise supply chain. We have a role to play in social and environmental sustainability - Ethical Swag started with the desire to make it easier for company owners and brands to make the right decision.

I've optimized my company for the remote work future, offering more flexibility for my team members, and ensuring that the work-life balance that I offer is a sustainable setup.

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Profile artwork for Tara Milburn
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