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Tanya Abbey

“Entrepreneur, Mum of two, recruiter, book nerd, optimistic realist and love the sales process.”


About Me

I'm the CEO of Recruitcorp (Executive and Recruitment Projects) and the CEO/Founder of the Candidate and Career Consulting platform

I also volunteer my services as a Small Business Mentor under the Queensland Government’s Mentoring for Growth program. I have recently started volunteering for Headspace - their Career Mentoring program supporting youth in their study/work journey.

With 17 years in the Recruitment industry, I'm comfortable in providing insight around recruitment, management, sales, running a business and being a female leader. I have interviewed over 8000 people in my career, met with thousands of clients, and have helped them build their teams across a variety of roles and industries.

I have a young family so understand the importance of finding that balance between work and personal life whilst developing my career and skills.

I describe myself as a strong networker and relationship builder and find an opportunity to make connections through any interaction - love to network!

I occasionally speak at events and on podcasts across a variety of different topics. Links to articles, speaking events and podcasts are on my AllMyLinks page. Message me if you want to have a chat!

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Profile artwork for Tanya Abbey
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