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Talor Zamir

“PeakPerformanceLifePodcast is looking to interview health experts, biohackers, and doctors that can help my listeners transform in health.”


About Me

In 2013, founder Talor Zamir had so much pain and inflammation in his arms that he couldn’t type more than a couple of sentences on the keyboard. Since his profession required him to be on the computer for over 8 hours a day, he was forced to use a voice dictation software for 2 years, and teach himself to speak in sound bites just to get by.

Talor tried everything over these 2 years. Every pain relief device, cream, compression sleeve, massager, physical therapy, chiropractic visits, and more. Ultimately though, none of these things healed him, and Talor eventually realized that INflammation comes from what you put INside your body.

This led Talor to spend over a thousand hours researching how to lower inflammation in the body, and it became very clear that what he was putting in his body was causing his inflammation. By following the Paleo diet and eliminating all inflammatory foods, plus adding organic superfoods and supplements, Talor was able to get rid of all his pain and inflammation, and now types every day completely pain free without the use of any voice dictation software.

Talor is now the founder of Peak Performance and the “Peak Performance Life” Podcast. 

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Profile artwork for Talor Zamir
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