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Susan M. Davis

“To inspire Chronologically Gifted Creatives to flip the script from TIRED to INSPIRED; from RETIRED to RE-INSPIRED.”


About Me

I'm a Boomer/Hippie/Artist, CoCreation Outlier, Silicon Valley escapee, StoryCatcher channeling Guy Kawasaki and Terry Gross for decades.

People often tell me, "Wow! You do so much!"

I figure it's all connected.

I'm never bored; I'm always having FUN; my glass always more than half-full and usually overflowing.

That's what's important. 

(Don't let me ever hear you say, "OK, Boomer!")

I am an experienced designer, marketing professional, website developer, professional book editor, and conversation radio/TV producer and host. (This is what happens when you have 50+ years of successful entrepreneurial experience!)

I now live in the Sierra Foothills, in Northern California, after a successful entrepreneurial career of forty years in the San Francisco Bay Area. For me, being "retired" means "re-inspired"! I enjoy a "location-independent lifestyle", and my work is play. It is mostly online, and I can play from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

These days, I play with Chronologically Gifted Women Creatives (mostly women over 60 who are artists, writers, coaches, healers, and small business owners) and help them get comfortable online and in social media, so that their awesome value is seen and their messages heard. I also mentor emerging entrepreneurs—chronologically gifted on both ends of the spectrum.

I work online and peer-to-peer––mentoring, consulting, facilitating, and hosting programs and workshops in teaming, marketing, brainstorming, and social media. I design/develop websites for creatives who are mostly women over sixty and I write and edit content for these websites. I edit books for authors: creative memoir, mystery, and thrillers.

My mantra is: Do well by doing good. For several decades I've integrated my passions and talents in the areas of design, fine art, writing, audio, and business/marketing development into projects like The CoPassion Project and the A-Place-To-Call-Home/Voices of Our Story project, signature philanthropic projects promoting inclusion, compassion, and common humanity by communicating Story through multi-media arts.​​​​​

​​I am also a fine artist working in mixed-media, including digital art and exploring the world of NFTs.

I love being a co-creator, mentor, and connector, and to give ‘Voice’ to igniting positive change in the world.

Best of all, I am a devoted partner to my artist-husband of 50+ years, a proud mom of two awesome, creative sons, and stay-at-home mom to my two pit bulls, Bella and Dos.

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Profile artwork for Susan M. Davis
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