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“Are you curious about the metaphysical world and spirituality but don't know where to start?”


About Me

Are you struggling to follow your intuition?

Do you sense things but don’t know how to develop your gifts?

Are you unclear about your soul purpose and passion?

Does your head get in the way of living your life?

Are you curious about the metaphysical world and spirituality but it’s confronting?

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, growth can be a lonely, challenging and confusing. Join Sunita in her weekly podcast covering all things woo woo and uncovering your mindset and programming.

Follow her as she insights, conversations, tips and strategies on how to incorporate the metaphysical into your daily life whether it’s at home or in your work.

Sunita shares her experiences as a teacher of the spiritual arts and is a Medium, Psychic, Healer, End of Life Doula, Yoga Teacher, Speaker and Mindset Coach. Her witty and straight talking episodes will give insights and tools to explore your own journey of self-mastery.

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Sunita | Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Medium, Psychic, Healer, Yogi & Mindset Coach

Sunita is a renowned Speaker and Teacher of the Metaphysical Arts. A Medium, Psychic, Healer, Yogi and Mindset Coach who works with individuals worldwide, to develop their intuition through spiritual and personal transformational growth.

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