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Stuart Kruse

“Stuart Kruse, founded and runs a quantitative investment firm and virtual family office that service high-net worth clients.”


About Me

Stuart Kruse founded Kruse Asset Management, (KAM) on the believe that the financial industry generally sucks at what we do and we should be better....better at service, better at performance, better at providing solutions the clients need instead of those that pay the most to the advisor.

In his TEDx Talk, he discusses how everybody is faced with 1 billion decisions over your lifetime -- most small, but some big. People tend to evaluate each decision as a "one-off" choice because they seem unique each time. However, if you were to make each decision knowing that you'd have millions more that are similar in nature perhaps you'd be making different choices that were optimized.

It was once said in a movie that "Money isn't everything, but it sure beats whatever is in second place..." In working with clients for more than two decades, I've found that to be true...until their health fails. Sometimes my clients spend all of their time making money, and then they end up trying to spend all of their money squeezing out more time.

We want to help you be efficient financially, so you don't have to trade as much time initially for money (and health). Being both physically and financially fit is extremely important to us.

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Profile artwork for Stuart Kruse
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