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Steve OBrien

“Steve O'Brien is The SEO Chap, an expert SEO consultant with 20 years exp. Solving online business growth through SEO for a global audience.”


About Me

Steve - 'The SEO Chap' has spent the last two decades pioneering marketing strategy, running digital marketing & SEO campaigns at all levels.

With an impressive portfolio as an entrepreneur, business owner and working in digital marketing and SEO, Steve is an unrivalled force in the search engine optimisation and the online reputation repair landscape.

Throughout his career, which included a number of years working within the global giants of the pharmaceutical industry and running multiple businesses, Steve has built a reputation for advising on online business growth strategy from start-up to £50m+ enterprises.

Competitive by nature, Steve most recently was a motorsport competitor in the British Endurance Championship - Britcar Trophy. Often drawing strong comparison from motorsport to the SEO sector. Professionally he is a proactive CMI Chartered Manager and successfully completed CMI Level 7 in Strategic Leadership and Management through Brighton University.

His fortes include data-driven search strategies, and mending tarnished online business reputation and strengthening positive brand identities.

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Profile artwork for Steve OBrien
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