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Stephen Armstrong

“Hello there we are currently looking for guests on our podcast, it's a comedy Podcast and we are looking for interesting stories to discuss.”


About Me

Hello we are Ste, Dan & Stu we are podcast hosts of the podcast called Get Fact as you can tell by the name of the podcast it's a comedy one and would not recommend to children.We talk about all sorts of topics ranging from UFO's, God's, Movies and much much more such as simple things like Socks.We are now introducing a guest section where we talk to guests that we believe has an interesting story to tell or you have a profession that we wish to pick your brain for answers for our idiotic questions. We are keen to learn new stuff all the time, we are both down to earth and just want to have a laugh, if this sounds interesting to you then contact us and we will get back to you.Our Podcast website is Podcast Email is [email protected] Please feel free to email us any time. Thanks

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Profile artwork for Stephen Armstrong
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