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“Mum called me "EFFI" cause i’m all about efficiency! Topics: Marketing, Business, Economy, Future, Automation, Innovation Efficiency Finance”


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Who is Stefan Fehr?

Stefan Fehr is an AI Pioneer & Founder of ModernIQs, who is deeply immersed in content creation, content dominance, inbound marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. He has been involved in the world of artificial intelligence since 2019. His expertise lies in crafting intelligent apps, founding an AI App Store, and designing large-scale websites. Also, he is speaking and blogging about the future of work, society & AI.

Podcast Guest, Speaker & Blogger

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1. What role will creativity and imagination play in entrepreneurship as AI becomes more prevalent in business operations?

2. How can startups and new businesses use AI to gain a competitive edge in today's market?

3. Can you share examples of innovative ways entrepreneurs are integrating AI into their business models?

4. With 460+ articles, he and ModernIQs are building the largest wiki on the topic: "Startup Challenges and Solutions":


1. How do you see AI impacting the efficiency of businesses in the next decade?

2. Can AI-driven automation coexist with human employment, or will it lead to significant job displacement?

3. In what ways can entrepreneurs leverage AI to streamline their operations without sacrificing quality?


1. How will AI change the landscape of digital marketing and consumer engagement in the future?

2. What are the ethical considerations companies should keep in mind when using AI for targeted marketing and personalization?

3. How can marketers balance the use of AI in campaigns without losing the personal touch that consumers value?

Artificial Intelligence

1. In your view, what are the most significant ethical concerns surrounding the rapid advancement of AI technology?

2. How can businesses ensure that their use of AI aligns with principles of fairness and transparency?

3. What are some of the most exciting AI innovations you've seen recently, and how do they inspire creativity?

Future and Technology

1. How do you envision the future of work with the continuous integration of AI and other technologies?

2. What skills do you believe will be most important for professionals to cultivate in an AI-driven future?

3. How can society prepare for the changes AI and future technologies will bring to our daily lives?


1. What role does imagination play in driving technological innovation, especially in relation to AI?

2. Can you discuss a case where a creative approach led to a breakthrough in AI or technology?

3. How can companies foster a culture of innovation that embraces AI while also encouraging human creativity?



Studio Quality Mic: (Renkforce USB-S1 RF-3806139)


Canon EOS M50 2 - Used as HQ Webcam


Early AI Adopter:

I've been actively using AI since 2019, contributing to its evolution before it became mainstream.

Advocate & Critic:

I support AI's positive impact while raising awareness about its ethical considerations through my blog.

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Profile artwork for Stefan Fehr
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