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Srikar Yeruva

“Invent to create, innovate to elevate - the key to growth and success.”


About Me

I am a serial entrepreneur with roots in IT services and a deep interest in the application of smart contracts. Today, I'm the CEO at Pycube, a digital transformation and business visualization company, with a specialized focus on the healthcare industry.

I am on a mission to make technology accessible to hospitals. Digitizing processes in the healthcare industry can lead to significant advancements in efficiency, patient care, and overall outcomes. Our commitment is to provide value to patients and medical professionals, creating a more efficient, patient-centered, and technologically advanced healthcare ecosystem.

My educational journey started with a Master’s in Electronics and Computer Engineering, followed by business education at the prestigious Wharton School, and a general management program at Harvard Business School. Each of these experiences has given me exposure to different ideas and perspectives, enhancing my view of the world, particularly at the intersection of business and technology.

And this brings me to one of my core beliefs: that education is more than just an accumulation of knowledge—it's about exposure. It's about broadening our horizons and encountering diverse viewpoints that challenge our own. It's these diverse viewpoints that can lead us to truly innovative solutions when tackling complex issues.

I am passionate about the transformative power of digital technology in healthcare, how to shed light on complex topics, and turn them into easily understandable visuals. My favorite topics to talk about are data visualization, smart contracts, and IT service management.

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Profile artwork for Srikar Yeruva
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