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Shannon Addison

“Girls are lost. I developed a children’s brand (The Breadcrumbz) to help girls find their way back to themselves through self-acceptance.”


About Me

I am a mom of two daughters, and the daughter of a former teacher/counselor. Watching my girls grow up with the same girl drama that I experienced compounded with the advent of social media, I felt compelled to come up with some means of addressing this issue. Girls who don’t like themselves become girls who berate and bully other girls. Without getting to the root of the problem, and stripping away the added pressure of trying to fit an impossible societal standard, girls will only get worse. We know they aren’t happy (the CDC has reported on high levels of sadness, depression, etc. among teenage girls), but we don’t seem to know how to fix it. I believe it starts with dialogue at home. Parents and caregivers have indicated that they don’t know how to connect with their kids in this high tech environment l—which has led to a decreased ability to effectively communicate. I am creating interactive books that provide conversation prompts to spark discussions between adults and their daughters.

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Profile artwork for Shannon Addison
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