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Shafer Stedron, MD

“Physician/Neurologist/Life Coach/Writer on a quest to help others on their journey of growth and improved health through storytelling.”


About Me

I'm a mom, a physician, a board certified Neurologist, Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach with a Focus on Reclaiming your Story and honing Focus, a musician, writer and publisher on a quest to help others on their journey of growth and improved health through storytelling.

I grew up in the Midwest and was a professional singer/songwriter/producer from the age of 14-20, with a promising career ahead of me having been accepted to NYU School of Music Business and working in NYC,. I then met a convincing young man and got married at the young age of 20, and my life changed completely. The following two decades, I focused on everything but my marriage in order to stay in it. I moved back to the Midwest, worked three jobs and earned my degree in Psychology, went to Medical School and Neurology Residency at IU, then moved to rural Northern Michigan, far away from family and friends. Over time, I was expected to work outside of the home less and less, and eventually was working only for my spouse and the family. Eventually I recognized that I had to break free of the ever-shrinking world that I had become encapsulated in: I knew I needed to make some big changes, however scary and difficult it may have been. After years of going through a challenging divorce with young children, I learned how to refocus my energy not on my current circumstances and challenges, but forward towards my goals and upon actionable steps to take me there.

I helped my daughter publish two books, start a podcast What's Up Young Authors!, and pursue her philanthropic efforts to support wildlife and the humane society. We started a publishing company, the Little House of Dreams, to help young authors make their dreams of writing and publishing their books a reality. I then wrote my book, currently in pre-publication, about a boy who loves his brightly colored blocks, and how his mother relates to her neurodiverse son to help him cope with the normal challenges of the day and connect with him in a way that helps him learn to self-regulate.

I became a Certified Life Coach with the Jay Shetty Program and started my life coaching business, helping others reclaim their stories, hone their focus and work in actionable steps towards building their beautiful futures and meeting their goals.

I created supportive content from music to reels and articles to share with others going through similar life challenges, and was overwhelmed by positive feedback I received. This led to my creating my podcast, Talks with Dr Shafer, where I share solo episodes with encouraging and inspiring content based on my writings and experiences, as well as guest episodes with inspiring people who are generously using their energy and expertise to help others on their journey of growth and self-awareness.

I created an online community, We Don't Tell Our Stories, to support victims of Domestic Abuse and share resources that may help them regain self-awareness and encourage them to reclaim their lives.

I achieved a lifelong dream of mine to join the Ski Patrol, something I had always wanted to do but wasn't "permitted" to during my marriage. This was one of the first things I pursued after choosing freedom, and the camaraderie, support and community I experienced was critical in regaining my self-confidence and on my journey forward to becoming the woman I am today.

I would love to be a guest on your show and share my career and life experiences, journey of growth and empowerment, and message of hope and future-focus!

Find out more about my mission on and check out my social media links at

I would love to be a guest on your show and would be happy to discuss a variety of topics from medicine, neurology, life coaching, publishing, writing, podcasting, speaking, growth, moving forward from domestic abuse and life's challenges, entepreneurship, volunteerism, connection, finding love after divorce and more!

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Empowering you to live your best life through self awareness & living authentically. You have so much potential awaiting you! Life coaching can help you meet your goals!

Talks with Dr Shafer

Talks with Dr Shafer, a physician mom, writer, musician & life coach dedicated to storytelling for health.

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