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Seema Sutradhar

“Co-founder, SEEM | Enabling Sustainable Finance from both an investor's and an investee's perspectives through entity-level systemic change.”


About Me

This entity-level systemic change for leading FIs & large corporates enables innovation at scale in them, extending to their s/chains & v/chains. They lead to their Just and Resilient NetZero Transition at the pace they must, their longterm sustainability, deployment & disclosure of universal ESG Metrics, including entities' sustainability performance, FIs measuring or having access to corporates' true creditworthiness considering their non-financials alongside financials, solving greenwashing/SDG washing, creating an ESG asset class to let funds flow to where they are needed the most and more. These innovations are in sustainable finance and products and services in sectors like energy, cement, steel aviation etc. It is deployed through the standardised transformation methodology CTM centred on entities' Purpose and aiming for their Just & Resilient Netzero Transition at the pace they must and digital transformation through regTech product CBD for corporate & investment banks.

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