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Sean Languedoc

“With over 25 years of immersion in tech, I have navigated the fulfilling journey of nurturing ideas into thriving enterprises.”


About Me

As the CEO of, formerly known as Global Talent Accelerator, my entrepreneurial journey continues in the realm of transforming outsourcing from a daunting task to a strategic asset for venture-backed companies.

The essence of is to turn the outsourcing maze into a straight path towards mission accomplished. It's about fostering collaborations that hit the ground running, reducing the lead time from onboarding to actual project execution. Our goal is to be the catalyst that propels tech ventures to their next phase of growth with the right engineering teams at their disposal.

Beyond my role at, I continue to immerse myself in the startup ecosystem as a mentor, guiding budding entrepreneurs through the complex landscape, and providing them with the resources and network to thrive. My tenure as a board member at A100 and a Charter Member at C100 underscores my commitment to fostering a conducive environment for tech innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada and beyond.

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