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Sean Kelly

“Created, Starred and Sold own TV show at age 40 without any experience, Spent 12 seasons on TV in the US and UK and airs in 127 countries.”


About Me

Sean Kelly In 2010 at his 40th birthday party announced to his family and friends that he was going to star on his own tv show and it was going to be a worldwide hit. Once his friends realized Sean didn’t even have a show idea yet, they laughed at him. Only 9 short months later, without any prior experience, no agent, no manager, no contacts, never having even been on a single audition, Sean was starring on his own tv show on Tru TV called Storage Hunters. After 6 seasons, Sean moved to the UK and filmed Storage hunters UK for a BBC owned channel called Dave for 6 more season. Then he created, produced and starred on Celebrity Storage Hunters where over 130 British Celebrities appeared on his show. His tv shows currently air in 127 countries worldwide.Sean also created, produced and sold the tv show Church Rescue to NatGeo.

Sean is the founder of where he coaches people on how they can achieve their BIG Lifelong Dream. He teaches his 15 step formula for achieving any dream and his foundation pillar skills.

Sean trained himself on how to be an auctioneer and has raised over $500 million for non-profits, schools and hospitals

Sean opened his own comedy club called the Comedy Palace, where he produced and starred on 7 shows a week for 8 consecutive years. While Sean owned his comedy club a young man came looking for stage time, Sean saw this young man had something special and Sean began mentoring him. The young man is named Jimmy O Yang and he went on to become a movie and television star. After mentoring Jimmy O Yang, Sean mentored other friends and found that he loved helping people achieve their dreams.

Sean is a disabled combat veteran, he grew up as an illegal alien in Germany, where he began door to door sales at the age of 11. By 16 he was abandoned by his parents in a foreign country. He moved to Italy at 17 and got a job working as an undercover store detective catching shoplifters. He joined the US Army while living in Italy, he worked for Military Intelligence and held a top secret clearance. He served a combat tour in Iraq.

Sean loves to travel and has visited 87 countries and counting, during the start of the pandemic he was on a 4 month trip around the world and happen to be in Hong Kong when it was announced. He has great travel stories.

As an entrepreneur Sean has trained sales forces, led strategic vision planning for companies and consults on sponsorship sales, and growth strategies. He has launched several publications, including growing a well known weekly newspaper from $3 million to $26 million in annual revenue in under 24 months.

Sean is the consummate motivational entrepreneur and continues to produce television shows and raise millions for non-profits with his gala auctioneering skills. Throughout the year Sean can be found on stages giving motivational speeches, sales training seminars and raising money for amazing causes. He would love to be a guest on your podcast and share his stories with your listeners.

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Profile artwork for Sean Kelly
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