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Sayata Gabriel

“I am a neurodivergent entrepreneur who overcame burnout and I want to share my experience with professionals who might be affected by stress”


About Me

Before I started my digital content agency in 2005, I was one of only a handful of university graduates from my band’s post-sec support program—and yet underemployed, working at a rural grocery store. 

A little bit of support in the form of a community entrepreneur training program changed that. They provided basic skills training and basic living expenses, and I used their support to grow Anansi from laptop in a travel trailer to:

  • From less than $30K annual in 2005 to $270K+ annual in 2021
  • From just myself to 7-10 part and full time team members across Canada and beyond
  • Projects across industries all over North America and beyond, from local small biz to regional construction to international nonprofits

Even through COVID’s challenges, we’ve managed to grow year over year. But the pandemic has increased unexpected staff absence and turnover, especially among the diverse populations we hire from and work with. This and other capacity limitations have caused us to lose momentum several times while ramping up sales and profitability. 

Whether it’s cooking or construction, data shows that the impact of similar challenges is widespread across many industries, and serious. This problem is current and creating an unmet need—one that we have the power to fill. 

That’s why we have begun pivoting our work from content strategy and leadership authority training alone, to include proven simple systems to nurture team wellness. As a result, we recently launched the Grow Mighty Leaders Projects

Simply put, the Grow Mighty Leaders Movement empowers high-performing but exhausted leaders to bring the human element back to the workplace. We simplify confusing topics like content marketing, team building, and wellness into proven & flexible science-based systems.

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Profile artwork for Sayata Gabriel
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