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Sarah Strong

“I channel spirit, which makes for a very fun podcast. My main jams are anything spiritual, sexual, mind expanding, enlightening, or fun!!!”


About Me

Hi! My name is Sarah Strong and I am a light worker, star seed and here to seed the light so that humanity can ascend and start living in new paradigms and become enlightened! I'm a star seed coach and a divine feminine activation coach and love serving both men and women through their spiritual awakening process and into deep soul exploration!!

I would love to be considered on podcasts that cover topics such as spirituality, star seed activation, ascension, spiritual awakening, divine feminine activation, how to align with your higher purpose, what it means to be a light worker and healer, changing perceptions or preconceived notions of life and beyond, journeying with psychedelics, deep soul healing, addressing sexual and/or the darker topics of life or anything that would help people understand that there's more to life than what we're currently doing here!

I'm originally from Australia and have had a full and colourful life experience! I'm bisexual, very sexually open, had a Bi-polar/Narcissistic mother and had an absent father growing up, I was never parented or loved by them as a child, struggled with drugs and alcohol for 21 years and now live free of substances through deep spiritual practices and a lot of really hard work!!! I've lived globally for most of my life in places including London, Manchester, Sydney, Japan, traveled extensively throughout Europe, North Africa, India, Thailand and Nepal and now reside in the United States.

I'm super passionate about life and love holding space for people to become the most that they can be!!! Let's have a chat and see how we can enhance the lives of your audience and beyond!!!

Love and Light,

Sarah xxoo

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Profile artwork for Sarah Strong
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