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Sara Macri

“History Enthusiast turned storyteller. Weaving together fact with fiction to create a place that suspends your reality for but a moment”


About Me

I am a vivacious lover of history. Specifically the era of 1939 to 1945. Engrossing myself in whatever material I can find. And after much deliberation and encouragement I have turned my love of history and passion for writing into a new path I am happy to tread.

I am a soon to be first time author and want to share not only my story and characters but my journey through the literary world and being a self published author in these modern times.

In this fast paced society it is hard to function when we cling to the pillars of the past but perhaps in order to move forward we need to build upon them.

I have three college diplomas one being in Journalism and Multimedia relations the others geared towards my current career in Funeral Service. My education put me in direct contact with the stories of everyday people.

Who better to tell the stories of the past when I care for the stories of the present.

Profile artwork for Sara Macri
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