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Sanjib Nandi

“Founder of LUVO, a Revolutionary Wellness App using Vibrational Meditation.”


About Me

Born and raised in India, I always dreamed of being a doctor. As I grew older I decided to become a pharmacist and have been practicing for many year. I was making a lot of money and living a comfortable life, but I was profoundly unhappy because of circumstances beyond my control. 

Out of options to control my restless mind, I decided to try meditation for just a couple minutes per day. After a month or two I noticed that I felt calmer and my anxiety was diminishing. This led me to dive deeper into the world of meditation, studying, practicing, learning the techniques, and researching the scientific evidence behind it. 

My passion is to share my journey and help others live a healthy, fulfilling life. One of the ways I’m living my passion is by founding LUVO, the first app ever to offer vibrational meditation. Our belief is that everybody, in some way or another, is looking for health, happiness, and success in the way they understand it. 

I wrote my first book called "The Man With Zero Talent" which will take you on a journey of self-discovery, filling your mind with inspiring stories, scientific realities and key techniques for developing and manifesting your hightest self.

I have written the lyrics of "Rise from the Ashes" and 10 other songs which is in Spotify that spoke about the same philosophy and zest for life.

There’s so much more to my story that I’d love to share with you and your listeners, as well as the practical ways I’ve used meditation to transform my outlook on life. 

Let me know if you're interested in having me on your show!

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Profile artwork for Sanjib Nandi
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