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Sandy Sembler

“Unapologetically Re-Wilding Lives, Magnetizing Deeper Love, and Cultivating Authentic Feminine Leadership Through Full Embodied Expression”


About Me

Sandy Sembler, recognized as the "Women's Embodiment Expert", weaves richly embodied life experiences, feminine and masculine dynamics, and trauma-informed somatics into her SakredShe Method™ , guiding the modern day woman to liberate her past, unapologetically reclaim and rewild her powerfully unique voice and intuition, and step out of the shadows to light up the world with her fullest expression.

SakredShe Method™ is based on her own life’s journey and studies from world renowned teachers, guides, and healing modalities after a 4 hour intervention with Tony Robbins's where he revealed her toxic relationship with her masculine and feminine energetics. Her mind was blown and heart relieved at this concept that gave answers to her immense success in business but less than stellar interpersonal romantic relationships.

At the heart of Sandy’s philosophy is the radical mindset of "how we do anything is how we do everything"- a statement dedicated to making every moment in life a deeper experience. This transformative process of re-wilding of the feminine spirit, creative expression fully embodied emotions and transmuting trauma into an alchemized gift. She invites you to delve into the depths of your heart’s desire and revolutionize your life through the harmonization of masculine and feminine energies, embodied expressed wisdom, and emotional enlightenment.

She also co-created the Art of Creative Relationships, a couples program, where they believe that the last 5% of our healing occurs in relationship – where we often receive our deepest wounds. It is within these spaces of repair that the greatest transformations occur and sacred union is born. By learning to break the cycle of repetitive patterns and complacency, couples learn to rekindle the fire within their partnership, deepening their love and passion in ways they never thought possible.

Through SakredShe, Sandy is creating more than a method; she is nurturing a global sisterhood - a haven where women can evolve, express, and uncover their most authentic selves.

Sandy has an intention to touch 12 million lives within 5 years-directly and indirectly-thru her SakredShe curriculum suite of 1:1 and group coaching programs, self-study courses, books, and live events.

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Sandy Sembler, CEO of SakredShe Method™

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Sandy Sembler with SakredShe

As the founder and CEO of SakredShe, I am devoted to igniting the fire within women so YOU can reclaim your innate wisdom, release what no longer serves you, and magnetize your deepest desires. Enjoy these free teachings, practices, and meditations as my community offering – curated especially for you. Curious to learn more? Check out my quiz at It’s me, Sandy!

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Sandy Sembler - Results Coach. 5,236 likes · 17 talking about this. I GUIDE WOMEN TO REIGNITE, REWILD & RECONNECT When she awakens her heart, she will move mountains.

Profile artwork for Sandy Sembler
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