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Sandy Pollack

“Estate planner, family business advisor, and author: Building wealth and managing wealth are NOT the same thing”


About Me

Sandy Pollack, CFP, CLU, TEP, FEA, MFA-P is the founder of Trimaran Advisory Group Ltd., a financial advisory firm that goes beyond traditional business and estate planning. Sandy and her team recognize the unique family dynamics, as well as personal and economic complexities, that entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals face.

She has built an advisory firm based on the understanding that each family business has its own unique set of values and issues. Her priority is to take the time to appreciate the qualitative aspects of your family and business before taking quantitative factors into consideration. This commitment to understanding “what” you want and “why” has been the basis of creating deep relationships that extend well beyond generations.

Serving as both principal and Lead Financial Advisor, Sandy is an advocate for values-based legacy planning—believing that building wealth and managing wealth are not the same thing. Sandy is certified as a Family Enterprise Advisor, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, and Trust and Estate Practitioner. She lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband, Steven, their three children, and their family dog, Mia.

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Trimaran Advisory Group | Family Business & Estate Planning Ottawa

Trimaran Advisory Group helps business owner with family business planning, single purpose planning and legacy estate planning.

Profile artwork for Sandy Pollack
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