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Samiran Ghosh

“Ex-Microsoft. Ex-@McKinsey. Ex-IBM. X-Factor :-). Movie Buff. Love Comics. Award Winning Podcaster TEDx Speaker. Dogfather. Startup Advisor”


About Me

I am currently a Senior Advisor with several startups in the fintech, artificial intelligence, and blockchain space During the last two years with these startups, I have helped build and launch an augmented analytics platform with Rockmetric a credit risk platform for Rubix Data Sciences, and a patented blockchain ecosystem for Archethic.

In a career spanning 29 years, I have held leadership roles at McKinsey, Microsoft, IBM, Dun Bradstreet, IBM, and TCS As Chief Digital Advisor at Microsoft, I helped launch platforms like the Connected Vehicle, Digital Agriculture, and Smart Cities Before that, during my 14 years at IBM, I did multiple roles across Consulting, Sales, Project Delivery, Research, and Product Development.

I took a one-year sabbatical from IBM to work for Aadhaar, the world’s most extensive digital identity program. Here, I helped develop the Application Authentication Framework, which allows stakeholders to engage with each other in the UIDAI ecosystem.

I am a regular contributor to leading journals, a keynote speaker at industry forums, one of the founding editorial board members of the AI Ethics Journal, and a TEDx Speaker. I have co-authored books on AI and Blockchain, published by Wiley, and was featured in the 20 Best New Fintech Books to Read in 2020 by BookAuthority. I am a member of the Forbes Technology Council, the MIT Technology Review Global Panel, and the World Economic Forum.

In 2021, I became a board member at IAC, a global expert and pioneer in Hyperautomation. I was recently nominated as a Senior Research Fellow at the Digital Euro Association and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. On December 21, I launched a funtech podcast, 3 Techies Banter, which has gone on to become one of the most popular tech podcasts in India and won several awards in the process.

On my own time, I work with animal welfare organizations and am the proud parent of Toffee, a golden labrador retriever.

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