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Sadia Carone

“I'm a feminist who wants to find a husband. I write comedy songs about dicks, feet guys, boners, and pronouns.”


About Me

Hello! My name is Sadia Carone and I live in Las Vegas.

Need some COMEDY? I can bring it! My stand-up revolves around my dating life [randos on the bus, gay or European, etc] and my life experience. Yes I am an English teacher! And yes I was also an illegal immigrant Brazil. (Yes *in* Brazil. I went there!]

I have worked as a software testing manager, a Karaoke DJ, and a Big Bus Tour Guide. I was the Yellow M&M at M&M World on the Las Vegas Strip!

On a more serious note, I gave a TEDx Talk called "Family Secrets". We can go there and talk about some dark stuff, respectfully and with humor. Or we can just keep it light!

I love talking to people and learning new things! Music! Movies! Food! The environment!

Note: Yes I can speak French and Portuguese well, some Spanish, and a bit of Hindi/Urdu and Italian Just please don't make me jump around in all these languages! I get so confused!

Thanks so much!


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Profile artwork for Sadia Carone
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