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Rolands Dzenis

“Founder of Berlo Watches: Where Elegance Meets Sustainability. Unique, Eco-Conscious Designs at”


About Me

I lead Berlo Watches, where we're revolutionizing the watch industry by merging luxury with sustainability. Our approach is straightforward - create top-tier, eco-friendly watches that aren’t just accessories but statements. We focus on tangible value: durable, limited edition watches with a twist of exclusivity in the form of NFTs, all while planting 20 trees with each purchase to neutralize our carbon footprint. At, we offer not just a product, but a lifestyle choice that aligns with your values and our planet’s needs.

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#1 Solar Watch Brand | Waterproof | Cactus Leather | NFTs

Where #1 Waterproof Solar Watch Brand That Meets Sustainable Fashion. Changeable Straps & Vegan Leather Options Available. Give Back To Environment In Style.

Profile artwork for Rolands Dzenis
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