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““I’m just an ordinary guy who went out and did extraordinary things”. All done with commitment, humour and unbridled enthusiasm!”


About Me

I have had a roller coaster of a life. From the icy wastes of the North Pole to the vast expanse of the Sahara, from the stormy reaches of the Atlantic Ocean to the dizzying heights of Mount Everest, Live a Life to Die For is an adventure like no other. I have rowed, trekked, raced – and played the odd game of weird rugby – across some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet, and my epic story is packed with spills, thrills, high comedy and personal tragedy.

My journey is much more than a great outdoors adventure; it is the story of one person’s struggle to throw off the shackles of alcoholism, to come to terms with the after-effects of brutality and trauma, and to leave the grey margins of the criminal underworld behind him. Along the way, I have met an extraordinary cast of characters: the good, the bad, the heroic and the plain crazy.

Join me, on my quirky, unique journey, from thug, to charity worker in Africa, to record-breaking adventurer; and find out how I overcame the burden of my past and learned to "Live a Life to Die For".

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Profile artwork for Roger DAVIES
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