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Rocco Jarman

“He sees the world in a way nobody else does, and articulates the nature of it in a way nobody else can, marrying Science and Mysticism.”


About Me

"To encounter a person who could discuss Social Engineering and Consciousness with the likes of Sam Harris, sprout poetry with the likes of Rumi, Archetypes and Psychology with Jung, Philosophy with Camus, Mysticism with Alan Watts and Psychedelics with McKenna, and not be left humbled by the exchange, well, that is quite something in one person.”

Rocco is an Australian Philosopher Poet and Podcaster. He has an unorthodox and autodidactic mastery of human psychology which provides cutting and insightful observations on all levels of personal psychological, interpersonal and societal dysfunction and specifically the path to effective remediation and stable actualisation.

Rocco’s own idiosyncrasies have proven to be his greatest assets, which are an undiagnosed neurodivergence, a mistrust of teachers, sycophants, systems and hierarchies, and an irreverence for the restrictive silos of academia. This has resulted in him being an autodidact across many fields such as psychology, philosophy, behavioural science, psychedelics, agile and project delivery, corporate leadership, history, social engineering and relationships.

Rocco has an extraordinary mind, with a way of looking at the world, our journey through it and the blind curve we are stuck on, which beautifully reconciles the scientific and the sacred, and provides insights which land like a drink of fresh water after weeks in the desert.



  • What is Stable Mutual Actualisation
  • Live a Good Day, Live a Good Life
  • Accepting Your Nature
  • Psychological self-repair
  • Consent, Leadership & Self Permission


  • How to Engineer Conscious Relationship
  • Why Relationships Fail
  • Processing the Grief of Divorce & Rediscovering Love


  • Engineering for Utopia
  • Critique on Left and Right Politics
  • Critique on ‘Spiritual junk food’ and ‘Instagram Philosophy’


  • Consciousness & Mindfulness Practices
  • Archetypes & Myth
  • Psychedelics (Psychedelic assisted Philosophy and related modalities)
  • Hermetics, Gnosticism (Demystifying Ancient Wisdom Systems)

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Profile artwork for Rocco Jarman
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