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“40+ years in tech. Fun & humorous. Expert in Decentralization, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse. Retro/Future Tech savvy. Podcast Host and Guest.”


About Me


As a guest on podcasts, online shows, or TV shows, and as a keynote speaker or panel moderator at conferences, I typically do not charge a fee for my participation. Similarly, I do not accept invitations where I am asked to pay for my participation. Why? First, I don't need to, as I am fortunate enough to be invited due to my professional reputation and expertise. Second, and most importantly, is exactly to safeguard my professional reputation. Being in the same show or event where guests pay to appear, may give the false idea to the public that what I have to share is not so interesting, as I have to pay to say it. Of course, if I needed to promote a book, a project, or a product, then I would pay to promote my message in high reach channels, clearly marking my message as promotional. The request for a guest participation fee to cover production costs only tells me that the show asking for my money is not sufficiently successful, as it is through these activities (having sponsors, doing paid promotions, etc.) that production costs should be covered, and not by asking money to the guest.


With a career spanning over three decades in emerging technologies, Roberto Capodieci stands as a vanguard in the field of blockchain and decentralized systems. An Italian national, he has crafted a life that blends deep technological expertise with an unwavering passion for digital innovation. Roberto's journey commenced in Italy, grew in the vibrant tech scenes of Florida, USA, and later flourished in Asia, particularly in Singapore and Bali, where he currently enjoys a harmonious balance of work and life.


As a Senior Blockchain Architect, Roberto's expertise encompasses a comprehensive understanding of blockchain layer 1 solutions, peer-to-peer networks, and the overarching realm of decentralized technologies. His professional narrative is rich with pioneering efforts in these domains, particularly since his blockchain epiphany in 2010. This journey has seen him consult extensively, design groundbreaking architectures, and lead innovative projects across various sectors.

Podcasting Experience:

Roberto is no stranger to the world of podcasting. His role as a host on several fintech, disruptive technology, and online scam prevention podcasts has polished his skills in both creating and delivering engaging content. His natural flair for communication, combined with his technical acumen, makes him an ideal podcast guest, capable of transforming complex technical concepts into accessible and captivating discussions.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Blockchain & Decentralization: Insights into the evolving landscape of blockchain technology, its impact on various industries, and the future of decentralized systems.
  • P2P Networks: Exploring the intricacies of peer-to-peer technology and its significance in today's digital ecosystem.
  • Innovation in Tech: Discussing cutting-edge technologies, their real-world applications, and how they are reshaping our future.
  • Online Scam Prevention: Sharing expertise on identifying and preventing online scams, a topic of increasing relevance in our digital age.
  • Tech in Daily Life: Conversations about the intersection of technology and everyday life, and how tech innovations enhance our daily experiences.
  • The Blockchain Journey: Personal anecdotes and experiences from Roberto's extensive career in blockchain and decentralized systems.

Personal Touch:

Roberto brings a unique combination of technical depth and personal warmth to every discussion. Known for his fun and pleasant demeanor, he ensures that his podcast appearances are not only informative but also highly engaging and enjoyable for the audience. His ability to connect with listeners of all backgrounds, whether they are tech enthusiasts or casual listeners, makes him an exceptional guest for a wide range of podcast formats.

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