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Rob Elliott

“30 plus years of Sales experience, published author, public speaker, and raising money for charity allows me to speak on many topics.”


About Me

I have over 30 years of sales and business experience from small to large companies across many industries. Throw in being involved on Charity boards, raising money through Rotary International and being an experienced MC and public speaking coach I love to give back without expectations

I love helping people to find who they really are and just be themselves. Sales is just a process but we get in our own way. An old boss once said "you like to walk past an issue, throw a hand grenade into the middle and just keep walking"

I am a proud Aussie who loves to talk all things Sales and Public speaking, my new book, "The Sales Chain" Tips, Tools, and an insider view on the Business of Sales has just hit the online stores.

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Profile artwork for Rob Elliott
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