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Rise Production

“Rise the Movie podcast guest profile for requests. Featuring African American Actress Makaela Bryant.”


About Me

To fall from grace in pursuit of a dream is a risk most avoid. Yet, what happens when someone chooses to purposely fall only to RISE. Discover the beauty and experience the pain of a rising actress in this raw journey

this movie is inspirational and never has been done before. Most people talk about the struggle of rising to success after, but we cover the process of actually going through it. The content is relatable and raw as it shows the struggle, the fight and the heartache of trying to succeed in the industry. It’s about going against societal norms and breaking the cycle of “living to work” for a life that’s is more purposeful. How much would you sacrifice? How far would you fall to rise again as something new?

this is our film.

the actress has an IMDb and has been featured on 3 covers. She is sharing her journey as she becomes more mainstream.

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Profile artwork for Rise Production
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