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Rill Oji

“I created Seductive Art for black women to have a strong understanding of sex & human sexual behavior. Our Stories, Our Perspective”


About Me

My name is Rill and I worked in the sex Industry as an Erotic Dancer, Host Swinger Parties, Stylist on Pornographic film an a Author of erotic fiction. I was going to become a sexologist but that experience for me was discriminatory; however, I pressed on and I created Seductive Art. Where I focus on three specialized areas of sexual enhancement which are: *Visual Stimulation *Rill Sex Talk *ESS Erotic Sensual & Seductive dance lesson. As a Sex Worker, I gained experienced to the psychology of human sexual behavior and most women believe the fairytale, "man and woman get married and live happily ever after" Not True! Not to say that you can't have a health, loving relationship; however, you MUST have to a HONEST conversation about SEX. Most couples don't do that. Sometimes a person just want to fuck!!

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Profile artwork for Rill Oji
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