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Richard Raines

“Richard is the author of Finding Washington, teaches Christian theology to undergrads, and wants to authentically connect to your audience.”


About Me

Thanks for taking a minute to read my bio. I've been a writer and teacher for nearly 20 years and recently published my first book, Finding Washington: Why America Needs to Rediscover the Virtues of Her Most Essential Founding Father. Finding Washington explores our first President's faith and virtues while making a case for a revival of those virtues in our culture. It is packed with historical stories, humor, sarcasm, and social commentary.

I have two masters degrees. A Master of Theological Studies (History of Christianity) and a Master of Theology (Christian Theology). I currently teach World Religions, History of Christianity, and Christian Theology. Additionally, I have been a CEO and served in elected office and, along with my wife, spend all my spare time trying to get my kids to adulthood alive.

Here's the thing I really want you to know: I want to connect with your audience. I want you and I to have a conversation about the state of things in our country and how to fix them in a way that captivates their imagination and compels them to action. I want to befriend your audience so that when I run into them at book signings, we can share a laugh about something you and I said on your podcast. I want our conversation to be so authentic that you and I become friends on this journey and when you think about who to book for your podcast, you think of me whether I'm promoting a book or not. Sure, I want your audience to think about my book, but I want that to be a byproduct of our conversation.

My commitment to you is to be engaging, funny, interesting, and likeable. Your audience deserves that. I look forward to starting our conversation soon and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your audience.

I am available for remote interviews and can best serve your audience by discussing the following topics: Finding Washington, history of Christianity, all issues related to Christian theology/doctrine/practice, cultural decline, morality, and current events.

If you want to check out Finding Washington or some YouTube videos of some of my lectures please click on the links below.


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Profile artwork for Richard Raines
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