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Richard Friesen

“I'm a science fiction and fantasy author with a dozen books published. I would love to tell stories, talk about writing, and my stories”


About Me

I am a storyteller at heart. Even when we're just chatting, I tell stories. I have experience with teaching and informal public speaking (being on panels, etc.), so being on a podcast would be a joy.

I currently have three series going, and will start two more this year:

1) Clark Family Legend: a space opera: The adventures of a family tied together by their love of space exploration…their cocksure attitude toward life…and their ace flying skills! 

2) Narcolepsy, the humorous superhero whose power is falling asleep, and taking you (and everyone else) into his dreams with him

3) The Dreaming King Saga, an epic fantasy where the person who has the prophetic dream is king

I can talk about my own stories, read, or discuss various topic with regard to writing and publishing. I also have a background in computers and science, so I can be entertaining on those topics too.

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Profile artwork for Richard Friesen
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