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Regina DeMars

“Master Communicator | Brand Advocacy Expert | Zealous Strategist | Trendspotter”


About Me

Hi, I'm Regina DeMars. As director of content marketing and social media, I'm a passionate communications strategist who loves creating and delivering purposeful content that delivers results and brings people together.

As an expert in driving engagement and brand advocacy with existing customers and employees while attracting new customers, I've made my mark by providing the right content at the right time to build brands, add value to their audiences and elevate their reputation in the marketplace as industry leaders. I'm passionate about doing the right things for my customers and community — always looking for ways to make an impact and leave the world a better place.

With a wide range of experience leading up to my current role and expertise in the banking industry, I can speak to an extensive list of topics including social media and online marketing, strategic planning, client relations, sales and new business development, leadership and many more.

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Regina DeMars

Regina DeMars in the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy at FNBO in Omaha, NE.

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